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Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, our world-class instructors will guide you on a path to mastery.

The Mass Conservatory Free Trial Class

Are you eager to discover what The Mass Conservatory has to offer?

You are invited to attend a complimentary class as our guest to experience the philosophy, traditions, techniques and methods of Budo – The Way of Martial Arts.

The Mass Conservatory Special Offers For Families

The MASS Conservatory is a place for families to learn, grow and bond together through the martial arts.

We have many families training in our classes with some as many as 3 generations. 

Please inquire about our special offers for families.

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Learning More About Martial Arts?

Are you curious about martial arts and want to try it out for yourself?

You will learn, discover and experience the philosophy, traditions, techniques and methods of the Traditional Martial Arts of Okinawa, Japan and China. Skills that are practical for both self-defense and personal development. 

We offer classes for all ages 5 to 90+ and all levels of experience.